Continuing Education and Programs for Part-Time Students

Fredericton Campus

The following types of programs and services offered through the UNB College of Extended Learning (CEL). Further information is available through the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer calendars published by the CEL and the CEL website (

  1. Part-time Degree and Certificate Courses: Credit courses are offered in many disciplines that can be applied towards a variety of degree programs or certificate programs (e.g. Certificate in Family Violence Issues; Certificate in Administration; Certificate Program in Software Development; Certificate in Film Production; Certificate of Proficiency in French; Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish; Certificate in Adult Education). UNB’s newest degree program is the Bachelor of Integrated Studies(BIS), a degree completion program for adult learners. Offered through UNB's Renaissance College and the College of Extended Learning, this program is designed for part-time study. Academic sessions are offered throughout the calendar year, and part-time students can elect to take courses during the day or evening or independently, according to their interests and needs. Responsibility for the degree/certificate courses rests with the respective academic units, which are also responsible for the academic advising. The advising of part-time students who are not enrolled in a program and for Bachelor of Integrated Studies students is conducted through the College of Extended Learning. 
  2. Non-Degree Certificates and Workshops: The College of Extended Learning offers a number of specialized certificate programs to enhance career and personal achievement. Professional development certificate programs include Management Development; Human Resources Management; Public Service Management; Project Management; Health, Safety and Environmental Processes; and Fluency in Information Technology (FITness). The College offers various workshops on effective leadership, management and supervision in the changing workplace. A wide range of courses are offered that are designed to enhance the personal and cultural enrichment of learners including courses in creative writing, business etiquette, painting and drawing, as well as programs like the Maritime Writers’ Workshop & Literary Festival and Design Works summer program for youth. 
  3. English Language Programme: See the section below, entitled English as a Second Language - Fredericton Campus.
  4. Distance Education and E-Learning: In order to better meet the diverse needs of learners, UNB offers a variety of options in course delivery, including audio and video conferencing, text-based correspondence courses, as well as e-learning options through web-based study in the Open Access Learning Program (OALP). The University Programs on the Miramichi offered by UNB, Mount Allison University, and St. Thomas University provides an opportunity for qualified individuals in the Miramichi region to complete first-year studies in Arts, Science, or Business/Commerce. 
  5. Visual Arts and Music:  The UNB Art Centre and the Centre for Musical Arts offer a variety of participation and learning (credit and non-credit) opportunities to UNB students and community members. See Fine Arts section for further detail.  
  6. Writing and Math Centres: These Centres provides individual tutoring and small-group workshops, as well as Saturday and evening sessions. The Writing and Study Skills Program covers essay and report writing, reading techniques, examination preparation, and time management. The Math Help Program is available for all first-year Math courses. Services are free to full-and part-time UNB students; sessions are available by appointment.
  7. Financial Assistant: Advice and information on loans, bursaries and scholarships for part-time students is offered through the College of Extended Learning (453-4818).
  8. Adult Learner Services: Advice and information for adults considering or enrolled in academic studies at UNB (453-4818). 
  9. Prior Learning Assessment: In some circumstances, students/potential students may have attained university-level learning through means other than formal university courses. Information and guidelines related to UNB's Prior Learning Assessment policy are available to students, prospective students and faculty from CEL (458-7617). See Section B for further detail.
  10. Adult Learners and Part-time Students (ALPS): ALPS, UNB's student union for part-time undergraduate students, was established to respond to these student's unique concerns and issues, to provide a support network, to help create an enriched University environment, and to act as an advocate for all part-time undergraduate students.
For additional information, contact the College of Extended Learning, P.O. Box 4400, Fredericton, NB, E#B 5A3; (506) 453-4646 (phone); (506) 453-3572 (fax); (email); ttp:// (website).