Campus Ministry 

Fredericton Campus 

The UNB Campus Ministry service is offered by a Protestant Ecumenical Chaplain.  The chaplain’s role on campus is to minister to the religious and spiritual needs of all members of the university community (this includes all those who either do or do not identify themselves as a participant in a specific religious or spiritual tradition).  The chaplaincy offers spiritual counselling, mentorship and guidance, and a listening ear and non-judgemental presence.  Our chaplaincy service is also a sounding board for students as they begin to integrate their university learning experiences with their life of faith.  The chaplain also conducts memorial services and offers prayers at convocations and other special events.  At the same time, the chaplaincy actively initiates meaningful contact with many local faith groups from a wide variety of faith traditions.  In doing so, we aim to foster a spirit of unity, understanding, respect, and solidarity with all those who pursue a life of spiritual grounding. 

Students, staff, faculty, and members of the greater community can contact UNB Campus Ministry at the Campus Ministry Office (Harrison House, Room 124) or by calling (506) 458-7009. Chaplain Brett Anningson email

The Campus Ministry website can be found at