Fredericton Campus 

Special services and programs for Aboriginal students are provided on the Fredericton campus through the Mi’kmaq-Maliseet Institute ( (Marshall d'Avray Hall, Rooms 343-344). The Institute is an academic unit of the University which administers UNB Academic programs for Aboriginal students and engages in research and publication in Aboriginal Studies and Aboriginal Education. The Institute's goal is to maintain the high quality of UNB programs for First Nations students and to broaden the Aboriginal content and perspectives in these programs. In addition, MMI develops new programs which meet the stated needs of the First Nations communities of the region and contribute to their educational and professional growth.

MMI services, which are intended for the use of Aboriginal students in all Faculties, include academic counseling and tutoring, access to the Mi’kmaq-Maliseet Resource Collection in the Harriet Irving Library, an Aboriginal student lounge, and opportunities to participate in social and other group events.

Degree credit courses are available in the Mi'kmaq and Maliseet languages and cultures, and in Aboriginal Business and Aboriginal Education. 

For information on the special BEd Program for Aboriginal students and the First Nations Business Administration Certificate, see the Fredericton Programs Section of this Calendar. 

Bridging Year Program 

The Faculty of Education offers a Bridging Year Program for Aboriginal students who are preparing for admission to a UNB degree program. See the program description in the Fredericton Programs section of this Calendar (Section G) under Bachelor of Education.