This section provides information about University residences, and off-campus housing as available in Fredericton and Saint John. 

Fredericton Campus


The University maintains thirteen residence halls, including men’s, women’s, co-ed, suite-style and apartment style houses. Each traditional residence (not suite-style or apartment style) room is furnished with desks, bookshelves, wastebaskets, bulletin boards, single beds, dressers and wardrobes. Pillows are provided but Residents bring all other bedding (sheets, pillow cases, quilt/duvet, etc. for a twin bed) as well as towels. The suite-style residence is fully furnished with each suite having 2 or 3 bedrooms, a full kitchen, and bathroom. Our apartment style building is a mixture of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments (not furnished).

UNB believes in a developmental residential living experience, supporting both academic success and personal development. Living to Learn fosters an academic context within the Residence Community and assist students in their transition to more independent living and the development of transferable skills. As a peer-supported learning environment, Leading to Learn also seeks to develop student leadership skills through wellness programming. Another UNB initiative is the ResNet program, which involves the installation of a hardwired connection to the University network and the Internet, as well as cable TV access, in campus residence rooms. ResNet currently is available in all UNB-F residences . UNB further fosters a positive living environment through attractive common areas, recent infrastructure improvements, and policies such as all residences being non-smoking. Campus dining also is being renewed with the introduction of residential ultimate dining (greater freshness, variety, and personalization of food) and similar retail improvements.

The residences are administered by Residential Life, Campus & Conference Services with a team based approach to life and leadership within the community and houses. Each house is supported by a House Team consisting of a Don plus Student Leaders, both elected by the House (House President and Committee) and selected by the university (Proctors, ResNet Consultants). These House Teams work closely with residence professional support resources including the Residence Coordinator, Residence Office Team, and ResNet Support Administrator.

The functions of the resource persons within the residence community are as follows:

Residential Life, Campus & Conference Services: the office has overall responsibility for the Residence Community and concentrates on physical facilities, academic, administrative and quality of life issues and policies with the objective of providing a quality residence experience in a strong academic environment. Two other related responsibilities are food services (part of the residence and campus experience) and summer conferences (recruitment, community outreach and financial contributions to residence).

Executive Director: a full-time professional responsible for leadership, overall management, governance, quality, development, food quality, and long-term vision of Residential Life, Campus and Conference Services.

Director, Finance & Operations: a full-time professional responsible for the physical operation of the residences (including janitorial services, maintenance, repairs, and capital improvements), finance and administration, and vending contracts.

Director, Residential Life:  a full-time professional responsible for the leadership, management, and development of both general (unit-wide) and specific (each RL,C&CS area) Residential Life administrative services as well as responsible for the residential community, training and professional development and support services. Director, Conference Services: a full time professional responsible for managing summer residence conferences.

Coordinators: full-time professionals responsible for day to day residential life or conference matters within the residence community. 

ResNet Support Administrator: a full-time professional responsible for the effective operation of ResNet, coordinating the House ResNet Consultants and working cooperatively with Integrated Technology Services on main network issues affecting ResNet.

Residence Operations Coordinator: a full-time professional responsible for the day-to-day management of residence janitorial and maintenance staff.

Administrative Assistants, Budget/Magee Coordinator & Receptionist:  full-time support personnel who are the first resources when visiting or contacting Residential Life & Conference Services as well as supporting the community.

Residence Security: Members of UNB Security providing after hours residence coverage and working closely with the community regarding group and individual situations, providing not only security but also support and advice.

House Dons: University faculty, staff members or graduate (or second degree) students living in each residence who are responsible for heading House Teams, mentoring and supporting students, and furthering the academic and educational goals of the Residence Community.

Proctors (Educational & Hall): experienced undergraduate students living on residence floors who work cooperatively with other House Team Members to provide support and a positive, developmental living environment in residence. In addition to working collaboratively and the common responsibilities shared by all Proctors (house coverage, programming, discipline, etc.), Educational and Hall Proctors also have unique responsibilities:

  • Hall Proctors fall on their hall providing support, building community and implementing life skills programs for approximately 35 students. 
  • Educational Proctors focus on providing academic/wellness support and programs for the House with one Educational Proctor per approximately 100 students. House Committees: elected Student Leaders who promote a welcoming and supportive environment through developing community. Residential Network Consultants (RNCs): Students in houses having ResNet who are responsible for helping Students with ResNet. Janitorial Forepersons, House Cleaners, & Residence Maintenance Person: full-time personnel responsible for cleaning (common areas) and maintaining residences.



  1. Since residence space at UNB is limited, no one can be guaranteed admission or readmission to residence until a formal offer of residence is issued, accepted and confirmed by the payment of the residence deposits. 

  2. The University recognizes the desirability and value of Students living in residence in their first undergraduate year as well as having senior students remain in residence. Hence, every effort is made to ensure a reasonable balance between new admission and returning students.

  3. Although consideration is given to the student's preferences, admission/readmission to residence guarantees a student a place in residence as opposed to a particular room. Initial room assignments or later changes are at the sole discretion of the University.

  4. Room assignment information is available in late July via the UNB Website ( with students selecting “My UNB e-Services”, entering their Login ID and PIN, and selecting the “Residence” tab. Students experiencing problems should contact Residential Life, Campus & Conference Services.

New Residents 

  1. Students requesting residence must complete and submit a UNB Residences Application Form. Please note that this is a separate document from the University of New Brunswick Application for Admission. For incoming first year students, the UNB Residences Application Form is included in the UNB Admissions Handbook or can be accessed at All other students (transfer students; exchange, visiting or St. Thomas University students; students entering law/graduate school, etc.) should contact Residential Life, Campus & Conference Services directly for instructions on residence application or complete and describe their situation. 

  2. New residence applicants should note that admission to residence will not be offered until admission to a UNB Fredericton program has been granted by the University Registrar and that acceptance to the University does not guarantee a place in residence. 

  3. Upon acceptance into their University program, residence applicants will be sent an offer of residence as well as a Response to Offer of Admission to Residence form. Students are asked to complete this form and return it with a $300.00 residence room deposit and a $100.00 damage deposit in accordance with the instructions found on the form. The receipt of this form and deposit by UNB serve as a residence confirmation and allows a room assignment to proceed. Please note that room assignments cannot take place without the receipt of the residence deposits.

Returning Residents

  1. Students must apply each year for residence accommodation.
  2. Reapplication forms are distributed to all residence students late in the Winter Term. Completed forms and a deposit should be submitted by the deadline indicated on the application form and according to instructions issued by Residential Life, Campus & Conference Services. Later applications and/or deposits are subject to remaining space. 

  3. Returning students are considered for readmission to residence provided:
    a. They have attained a minimum assessment grade point average of 2.0;
    b. Their conduct has been acceptable. 
    Appeals of a decision to deny readmission may be sent out to the Director, Residential Life.

  4.  Reapplicants are, where possible, readmitted to a house of their choice (provided that their residence reapplication and deposit are received by the deadline) but are not guaranteed readmission to a particular house and may be offered readmission to other houses. 


Requests for refunds should be directed to Residential Life, Campus & Conference Services. Students who have paid a deposit but send written notice of cancellation to Residential Life, Campus & Conference Services receive refunds as follows based on a $300 residence room deposit:

  • a refund of $150 if the written notice is received on or befor July 31. The balance of $150 is NOT REFUNDABLE.
  • a refund of $50 if the written notice is received after July 31 but on or before Aug 21. The balance of $250 is NOT REFUNDABLE.

The entire deposit is forfeited if the student cancels after August 21, fails to take  up the reserved accommodation, or enters and then subsequently withdraws from the residence. 


  1. For Regulations governing the payment of fees, withdrawal, etc. please refer to the Section C of this Calendar. 
  2. Information concerning current residence fees may be obtained from Residential Life, Campus & Conference Services. 
  3. (a.) Rooms with meals: Each student's residence fee covers room and board from the day the residences open in the fall (date differs for new and returning students) until the day after the student's last regularly scheduled examination in December, and from the day before classes start in January until the day after the student's last regularly scheduled examination in the spring. Residential meals are served (in one dining hall only) during Thanksgiving Weekend in the first term or during the March Break in the second term.

    (b.)  Rooms without meals (limited number only): Each student's residence fee covers room rent and use of communal cooking facilities only for the same periods as specified in 3(a) above. Students also have the option of purchasing a residence meal plan from the food services contractor. 
  4. (a.) Although the Christmas vacation period is not covered by residence fees and residences are closed, Residents who plan to resume occupancy of their rooms in January may leave their belongings in their rooms during the holidays, but the University accepts no responsibility for these belongings.

    (b.)  International and other students who are unable to return home at Christmas or make other arrangements may request permission to remain in residence (with kitchenettes but no dining plan) from Residential Life, Campus & Conference Services. Permission is granted only for those students with a genuine need and such students may not be able to remain in their regular residence. Students remaining in residence are required to pay a $200 fee (via their student account) covering the extra cleaning, support and activity costs for this holiday residence.


Students are responsible for making their own arrangements for off-campus housing. The UNB Student Union maintains an Off-Campus Housing List to assist students with finding suitable off-campus housing. It is advisable to visit the city well in advance of registration in order to locate suitable housing.

The University operates one suite-style building , which houses 173 graduate and upper year undergraduate students in 2 and 3 bedroom fully furnished suites, and one apartment building, Magee House, which can house 102 families in 49 one-bedroom, 48 two-bedroom and five three-bedroom apartments. Graduate students and upper year undergraduate students wishing to apply for the suite-style residence may obtain an application form Residential Life, Campus & Conference Services, email, Tel. (506) 453-4800, Fax (506) 453-3585. Student families wishing to apply for housing in Magee House may obtain application forms and information from the Residential Life, Campus & Conference Services, email:, Tel. (506) 453-4800, Fax (506) 453-3585.

Students living off-campus may choose from a variety of dining plans available from the food services contractor. 


For further information about the above and other regulations pertinent to the residence community, please contact Residential Life, Campus & Conference Services, UNB, P.O. Box 4400, 20 Bailey DR., Fredericton, N.B. E3B 5A3. Phone (506) 453-4800; FAX (506) 447-3059; email:;

Saint John Campus 


UNB Saint John offers two residences on campus overlooking the beautiful Kennebecasis River. 

The Dr. Colin B. Mackay Residence opened in September 2003 and was designed with input from our own students. It offers 170 beds in the form of spacious double suites for independent style living. Suites include two single bedrooms, kitchenette, complete with microwave and fridge and private three-piece bath. At UNB Saint John, housing is non-smoking, co-ed and security locked. Each room is furnished with a double bed, and desk set and standard house amenities include furnished TV rooms and study lounges, high-speed Internet and cable TV connections and laundry facilities.

The Sir James Dunn Residence offers 68 beds and an indoor connection to the campus. Single and double rooms are available. If you prefer a more subdued, quiet lifestyle, the residence also has a section that offers a 24-hour quiet policy.

Food Services and Residence Fees 

Sir James Dunn residents have a tax free meal plan which will be incorporated into the total residence fees as set out in the residence fees schedule. Students living in the Dr. Colin B. Mackay residence must purchase a $300.00 meal plan but may elect to purchase one of the regular meal plans. Meal plans are administered on a declining balance basis. For example, this means that if a meal plan that was valued at $1,000 per term were purchased, the student's account would be credited with this amount toward food services. The cost of any purchases at the Baird Dining Hall or Tim Horton's during the term would be deducted from the balance until a zero balance is reached. Ideally, a zero balance is reached at the end of each term; however, food service accounts can be supplemented at any time in increments of $25 or greater. It is important to keep in mind when choosing a meal plan that although an account can be supplemented at any time, any balance remaining at the end of April is non-refundable.

Residence Activities

Living in residence is not just about studying and sleeping. Student house committees are elected each fall to plan social events such as Frosh Week, Winter Carnival, Holiday Formal and charity fundraisers. They also assist in establishing residence policy and procedure, administering the residence and student activities, and representing the residences in student government. The Committee uses house dues, which are collected from the students at registration time to provide Orientation activities, subscriptions to cable television, newspapers etc. for the common areas, and anything else they would like to sponsor. Residences are served by a Residence Life Co-coordinator in addition to a number of Residence Assistants who live on campus.

Applying to Residence 

Applicants who are interested in living accommodations in the university residences must complete the application form, which is included in the UNB Saint John Application for Admission package or they may apply online at

Residence applicants should note that acceptance to UNB Saint John does not guarantee a place in residence; acceptance into residence will not be offered until admission to UNB Saint John has been granted. Upon acceptance, students will be sent a residence deposit form. The form must be returned with a confirmation deposit of $300.00 as quickly as possible to ensure a place in residence.

For information on the residences, please contact: Residence & Conference Services, Sir James Dunn Residence - e-mail to:, telephone 648-5755, fax 648-5762, Monday - Friday 8:15 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and also visit our website at and proceed to Residence Admissions where you will find a virtual tour along with applicable forms and information.


The Off-Campus Housing Office helps students with finding accommodations off campus. We provide helpful information about various areas in the City, different ways to look for accommodation, rental rules and regulations, maps, lists of accommodations, along with other helpful information.

The Off-Campus Housing Office is located in Oland Hall, Room G13 and open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:00pm. Please feel free to contact the office at: or 648-5952.