2. Admission Policy

Advanced courses of instruction and facilities for research are offered to graduates of universities of recognized standing who meet the necessary academic requirements for admission to the School of Graduate Studies.

Acceptance as a student in the School will be as either a regular graduate student or a qualifying student. A regular graduate student is one who has been accepted as a candidate for a higher degree or diploma.

For graduates of the University of New Brunswick, the normal minimum requirement for admission as a regular graduate student is an honours bachelor's degree (or a similar program with intensive specialization in an appropriate discipline) with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0. The same level degree with at least a B average (North America System) or upper second class standing (British System) is normally required for graduates of other universities.

Graduate course work or comprehensive exams completed more than 5 years prior to re-admission of a student to a graduate programme will normally be considered valid only if deemed to be still current by the admitting discipline and the School of Graduate Studies.

Applicants holding a bachelor's degree in a discipline other than that in which they wish to undertake graduate work may be considered in light of their undergraduate course program and their achievements in this program.

Applications are processed through the School of Graduate Studies. The decision regarding admission is made by the Dean, Associate Dean, or Assistant Dean of the Graduate School based upon the recommendation submitted by the GAUs. In the case of Interdisciplinary degrees where the School of Graduate Studies is the GAU, the recommendation will be made by the Interdisciplinary admissions committee of the Interdisciplinary degree (as approved by Senate and MPHEC). Admissions decisions are not appealable.

Admission to all graduate programs is limited and competitive, and at times it is based upon the human and physical resources available to deliver the program of study. Consequently, admission is not guaranteed for those who meet the minimum academic requirements for admission, nor at times even to those with excellent academic credentials.