PSYC6814Dissertation Proposal3 ch
The intent of this requirement is to use the dissertation proposal to demonstrate student’s comprehensive knowledge of their dissertation area. Students shall prepare a proposal document including complete Introduction, Method, Proposed Analyses and Reference Sections, as well as any necessary appendices. The Introduction section should include a broad consideration of the literature in the relevant area(s). It should demonstrate the student’s comprehensive and broad knowledge and understanding of the relevant literature, in addition to the background and rationale for the proposed study. This material may be presented within the Introduction section, or in an Introduction with accompanying Appendix. If the latter model (with an Appendix) is adopted by the student, it is expected that the Introduction section will be in a form that is appropriate for use as the Introduction section of a journal article. In this case, the Appendix should contain the comprehensive literature review. Although modifications may be required at various points in the process, this document is intended to be ready to use in the final dissertation write-up. Credit for PSYC 6814 will be assigned after satisfactory completion of PSYC 6833 (Oral Presentation of the Dissertation Proposal) and final approval of the dissertation proposal by the student’s supervisory committee. Required course.