PSYC6353Teaching Apprenticeship I3 ch
All students in the Experimental program are expected to complete a teaching apprenticeship under the supervision of a faculty member. The course assignment may be broadly related but not identical to the thesis research. It is expected that the course will be selected from lower level rather than fourth year courses, and the choice of course may depend in part on the needs of the undergraduate program. Teaching should help the student develop a broader understanding of her or his field and facilitate confidence and skills in oral presentation. The teaching apprenticeship requirement involves responsibility for a term course under close faculty supervision and is divided into two parts: preparation and actual teaching. Teaching Apprenticeship I represents the preparation phase and should normally take place during the term immediately preceding the term in which the course is to be taught. In Teaching Apprenticeship I, students are expected to attend all lectures given by the supervisor in the relevant course. Weekly preparatory meetings between the student and the faculty supervisor are also required. These meetings are used to monitor the student-teacher's progress in planning all aspects of the assigned course, including preparation of a general teaching philosophy, a course outline and marking scheme, lectures, demonstration materials, assignments, and examinations. Course credit is awarded upon successful completion of the course requirements as determined by the teaching apprenticeship supervisor in conjunction with the student at the beginning of the term. Required course.Prerequisites: none.